Engineering Working Moms (EWM) started with four women who bonded through engineering and motherhood. Each took the brave step to share, vulnerably, what it meant to be a new parent while managing their engineering careers. This is how our bond was formed.

As engineers, we knew this was a rare space that needed to be offered to the rest of the field – for those past, present, and in the future of parenting. The rest is history.

Meet the founding members of Engineering Working Moms.

Felicia Guerrero Green

In 2013, she welcomed her first daughter and embarked on a new job while on maternity leave, inspired by the “leaning in” ethos. Balancing engineering and motherhood seemed daunting, but she believed it was possible to excel in both.

At a national Society of Women Engineers conference that year, she found solidarity with other engineering moms facing similar challenges. Realizing a short Q&A wouldn’t suffice, she created a private Facebook group for collaboration. Starting with 14 members, it has since grown to over 5000 international engineering working moms.

Through this support network, she nurtures her parenting and engineering skills, empowering her to chart her career path. Grateful for her fellow admins’ invaluable perspectives, she cherishes the community she’s built.

Suzie Olsen

Allison Pedersen

Susie Kirkland